The Wallenberg Dossier

“Robert, why are you doing all this? I have nothing to give you “
“You are everything to me.”

The true story of Raoul Wallenberg’s life. The wartime mission, a secret love, the arrest and the disappearance in mysterious circumstances.
The documents of the Russian-Swedish commission of inquiry, the CIA papers made available by the ‘Freedom for Information Act’, a surprising solution to a still unsolved mystery that emerges from Davide Amante’s historical research.

A novel written in a dry, fast, modern style.

A love without limits that will allow a man to risk his life to save the woman he loves and, many years later, will allow that same woman to save the life of the man who had loved her. A love story lived by young and old, fought beyond time and rules.

The first edition is sold out.
The second edition (expanded and extended) is arriving in the next few months.