The Wallenberg Dossier

Based on a true story, The Wallenberg Dossier is a story of love and passion for life that will leave you breathless page after page.


The Wallenberg Dossier is the exact historical reconstruction of the events that led Wallenberg, the Swedish billionaire who pretended to be a diplomat at the Embassy of Budapest in Hungary during the Second World War, to save tens of thousands of Jewish families from the atrocities perpetrated by Nazi Colonel Eichmann.

Wallenberg, now recognized as Righteous Among the Nations, risked his life with spectacular actions, was the inventor of the now famous Swedish Schutz-Pass (false passports) and carried out a secret operation with surprising implications.

However, Wallenberg suddenly disappeared, immediately after the war and nothing was heard of him again despite several commissions of inquiry tried to shed light on his fate. But the discovery of a secret dossier prepared by the Nazi police at Eichmann’s request will reveal an intense love story and Wallenberg’s extreme attempt to rescue a woman who, many years later, will return to save his own life.

A love story abandoned in wartime and found many years later, to finally be lived in all its power, beyond time and age.

The discovery of CIA documents made available with the Freedom of Information Act and the secret dossier on Wallenberg, made it possible to give an answer to an unsolved mystery and to reveal an intense, dramatic, passionate story.

The Wallenberg Dossier
250 Pages
ISBN 9788894315615
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The Wallenberg Dossier, a novel by Davide Amante