The Guardian of the Stars

The Guardian of the Stars – The journey of Anais with the with the wind
80 pages and 15 illustrations
ISBN 9788894315608
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The Guardian of the Stars – The Journey of Anais with the Wind is a poetic and literary work in the guise of a children’s tale. Deemed a modern day masterpiece, the book encourages kids to discover life and its values and it is so appreciated by readers of all ages that it is becoming a children’s classic.

The Wind, the Forest of Talking Trees, a Wolf, a family of Dolphins and a special relation with nature, will lead a girl to discover the beauty of the world as she takes a journey across a deserted island in summertime.

The girl‘s grandfather, only resident of the island, is the lighthouse keeper. One particular summer the wind reaches the island and blows so strong that it reveals to the girl the full skyline and encourages her to take a journey across the island to discover the other side of things. The wind will lead the way and the girl will see the world and discover life and emotions as she joins animals and sailors to celebrate the midsummer reunion.

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