L’Affaire Casati Stampa

L’Affaire Casati Stampa
Pages 140
DMA Books
ISBN 9788894315646

August 30, 1970, the biggest Italian scandal.

An unexpected Milan, a Rome with magical shades, a detective engaged in a close investigation, the story of one of the major scandals in modern Italy.
A compelling narrative, based on the acquisition of new information from the archive of the Private Clinic ‘Città di Milano’ and the then medical director, which completely overturns commonplaces and reveals a passionate and intense love story.

August 30, 1970, the Marquis Camillo Casati Stampa di Soncino kills his wife Anna Fallarino and lover Massimo Minorenti before committing suicide. The story unleashes wide public resonance to the point of being considered by the press one of the greatest Italian scandals both because it involves one of the oldest Milanese aristocratic families and for the libertine background, based on the voyeuristic and candaulistic passion of a couple on the verge of morality.

The investigation into the murder will bring to light every detail of a relationship that immediately appears more intense and complicated than it appeared in society.

Gradually a very intense and unconventional love story will reveal itself, in all its grandeur and passion.

This will bring to light a love that is anything but scandalous and the intimate beauty of the protagonists involved. A sophisticated novel with great narrative power that reveals, through the course of the investigation, one of the greatest truths about love and life.

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