Davide Amante is a novelist. In his texts, which focus on contemporary life, a strong autobiographical character prevails.
He studied in American and Italian language schools.
He speaks three languages fluently and is passionate about the sport of sailing and snowboarding.
He crossed the Ténéré and other deserts of North Africa, sailed in solitary on a sailboat and traveled in many other journeys.
He has worked with global publishers – including McGraw-Hill, Bertelsmann, Vallardi, Mondadori – as an editorial consultant.
He taught modern and contemporary literature.
He has written screenplays in American for the film industry.
He collaborated with the University of Milan, at the invitation of the Department of Architecture, teaching students the interpretation and the transposition of the literary work in theatrical and cinematographic stage outfits.
He collaborated with the public school system as a Dialogic Reading expert to bring children closer to reading.