The Wallenberg Dossier, the bestseller soon to be released in North America

The Wallenberg Dossier, the story of a limitless passion between a man and a woman in wartime, will soon be available in North America. The English edition is set to be released in 2021.

The Wallenberg Dossier is an exceptional novel that tells a love story lived by a young couple and rediscovered when older, fought beyond time and rules. But the novel’s exceptionality, and modernity, is also revealed in the story of the female protagonist who takes on an increasingly important role in the course of the events, to the point of saving the life of the man she loves and who, as a young man, had in turn saved her.

The author’s style, sophisticated and fast-paced, makes the novel even more compelling. In fact, the novel moves on different levels: the thriller, the love story, the historical biography, the war story, leaving a sense of control and narrative ability on the part of the author. Davide Amante has a direct, immediate style that cuts straight to the point and especially in certain paragraphs the author is shows the hand of the great novelist.

The Wallenberg Dossier tells the story of Wallenberg, the Swedish billionaire who saved tens of thousands of Jewish families from deportation during World War II. If today we acknowledge the stories of some brave men, such as Schindler or Perlasca, few know that Wallenberg managed to save many more lives and is one of the greatest positive protagonists of the Shoah, capable of risking his own life in first person with exceptional actions.

Wallenberg was the inventor of the idea of the famous Swedish ‘fake passports’ Wallenberg Schutzpass: he handed over tens of thousands, succeeding in deceiving the Nazi authorities and ensuring the escape for tens of thousands of desperate families. Even more famous are the reckless actions that Wallenberg often took in direct confrontation with armed officers ready to kill him.

The story of Wallenberg, however, has remained to this day an unsolved mystery: he was arrested and disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Davide Amante has conducted a meticulous historical research that has allowed him to reconstruct, through testimonies and documentation, the history of Wallenberg. Access to the documents of the Russian-Swedish commission, the CIA papers declassified by the Freedom of Information Act, the Soviet prison documents and a mysterious woman involved, all gradually reveal a compelling and surprising story, capable of moving with ease between thriller, historical biography and love story.

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The Wallenberg Dossier
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