The Guardian of the Stars conquers public and private Italian schools

The Guardian of the Stars, Davide Amante’s bestseller for children and adults, has conquered public and private schools in Italy, many of which have chosen this text for classroom reading. The important collaboration with some teachers throughout the country made it possible to organize a number of visits to schools by the author.  Davide Amante read parts of the book and explained teachers and children how a writer works and how a story is developed.
‘I am incredibly surprised by these meetings during which children of all ages have shown a very special interest in literature,’ said Davide Amante, adding, ‘it is an initiative that I would be more than happy to repeat. Children have an immediate and instinctive ability to understand the authenticity and deep meaning of the texts. ‘

The Guardian of the Stars – Anais’s journey with the wind has been defined by some as ‘the modern Little Prince except that the protagonist is now a girl, a fable of exceptional scope and intensity, which narrates the journey of a child on an island, to discovery of emotions, friendship, values and the meaning of life. ‘
This book has become an Italian bestseller by simple word of mouth, appreciated by children, families and teachers. The book is currently being translated in English and will be distributed in the first months of 2021.