Turin Book Fair, books sales significantly growing, the case of the novel Affaire Casati Stampa

Turin Book Fair, the lockdown brought people closer to books and reading says Dario Franceschini, Head of the Education Department in Italy. Online book sales significantly improve, the interesting case of the novel L’Affaire Casati Stampa, released in full lockdown, which achieved record sales numbers in a few months. 

“It is an important moment for the publishing sector, with great authors and large investments. We are also completing the process of approving a law for the promotion of books and reading, which will support the entire supply chain “, declares the head of the Education Department in Italy, Dario Franceschini, at the opening of the Turin Book Fair.

“The data concerning the publishing sector are comforting – added Franceschini – and, in particular, the lockdown season has brought people closer to books, reading and cultural consumption, I expect great growth”.

Confirming these words, the data on book sales in Italy are growing and in particular there is a sharp upward surge in online book sales. The lockdown certainly acted as a driving force, initiating this phase of change and greater public attention in favor of cultural products.

A significant case is the novel L’Affaire Casati Stampa by Davide Amante, released in full lockdown in the first days of March 2021 and which a year later achieves very important sales results, almost half a million copies in 10 months and almost entirely paper edition sold online. The author, whose novels are translated into different languages, observed that such significant numbers usually take a longer time, especially in Italy and that the lockdown period has accelerated sales and renewed interest in literature. It should be noted that “L’Affaire Casati Stampa”, by strategic choice of the author and publisher, is only available in the printed version and not in the digital version, therefore all the data refer to sales through the online channel of the printed edition.

Source: CulturesMag

The book is available only in Italian for the moment. For rights information please contact info@dmabooks.eu or reply to this e-mail.

L’Affaire Casati Stampa, Davide Amante