I tell the imperfection of love to find its beauty. Davide Amante’s latest novel presented at BookCity Milano 2021.

I tell the imperfection of love to find its beauty.
In front of a fascinated public, in the heart of Milan, where once stood the renowned private clinic ‘Città di Milano’ which is described in the pages of his novel, Davide Amante presented the nonconformist and dramatic love story between Anna Fallarino and the Marquis Camillo Casati Stampa.

Many in the audience had the colorful cover of L’Affaire Casati Stampa, which depicts an image of the Marquis’ beautiful mistress, whose portrait vaguely recalls Andy Warhol’s pop art.

Davide Amante’s novel was released in February 2021 and has already exceeded 300,000 copies in a few months. Bookcity Milano 2021 was one of the author’s rare appearances. Davide Amante retraces the details of a complex investigation into the life of an exceptional couple, in a novel written in a fast and compelling style. The novel is currently only available in Italian.

The novel investigates a love story that caused a scandal in the late 1960s and ended tragically, so much so that it was defined by the main magazines of the time as the greatest Italian scandal. The Marquis Casati Stampa, one of the best known and richest families in Milan (one of his villas was later sold to Berlusconi, Villa San Martino in Arcore) falls in love with a beautiful Anna Fallarino, 13 years younger than him. The two will weave a voyeuristic and passionate relationship that will end with a murder-suicide out of jealousy. Davide Amante reconstructs, through the investigations of a magistrate and a commissioner, all the steps and events of this exceptional couple, in a novel with an impeccable style.

As the author said: ‘I go searching for the human soul and it is in despair, in madness, in the most unconventional stories that you find the great breath of life’.

The Affaire Casati Stampa was the protagonist at BookCity Milano, the 10 day event organised by the city of Milan, dedicated to books and reading that this year celebrates its first ten years. Over 1,400 meetings throughout the city of Milan and over 260 locations, as well as online meetings and webinars.

Davide Amante was born in Milan in 1970. In addition to L’Affaire Casati Stampa (2021) he published Il Guardiano delle Stelle – the journey of Anais together with the wind (2019) translated into six countries, Il Dossier Wallenberg (2016) of which the ‘US edition is about to become a film, Altair (2014) the best-selling sea and travel novel in Italy.

The Casati Stampa Affaire
140 pages
ISBN 9788894315646

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