DMA Books announces the release in the USA of bestselling novel The Wallenberg Dossier.

DMA Books launches in mid april the English edition of the bestselling The Wallenberg Dossier, written by novelist Davide Amante. It features 22 chapters and it is based on a true story. The Wallenberg Dossier is a story of love and passion for life that will leave you breathless page after page.

The book will be available for purchase on Amazon and progressively at all major bookstores.

The book was recognized Best Novel of the year just a few months after its release in Europe. The novel draw the attention of more than one film producer.

The Publisher declares that: ‘This book, apart from being an exceptional reading for its innovative style and the charismatic approach by the novelist, investigates in depth the people that led to the horrendous events of Budapest in World War Two, remembering us how much necessary it is not to forget. This is the first time that the mystery surrounding Wallenberg finds an answer.