The Guardian of the Stars

The Guardian of the Stars, first published in 2019 by Davide Amante, is the story of a small girl named Anais. She passes summers in a small island in the middle of the sea. Her grandfather is the Lighthouse keeper. One particular summer the wind comes to the island and it blows so strong that Anais looks towards the line of the horizon. A tempest is reaching the island and the wind blows so strong that it even scraps the blue color from the sky, to leave it all transparent. Anais for the first time sees the other side of things and here begins her journey to the other side of the island. Driven by the wind, by a wolf and by her special relationship with nature, Anais will discover the beauty of the world and of life. Her journey will take her to the discovery of the meaning of life, of one’s emotions and of love.

The Guardian of the Stars – The Journey of Anais with the Wind is a special, profound and unconventional book, indispensable for young and adult readers.

The publishing phenomenonThe Guardian of the Stars was first published in Italy and soon became a bestseller, selling innumerable copies and involving enthusiastic readers of all ages.

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ISBN 9788894315677
80 pages and 15 pencil drawings.