Davide Amante is an influential keynote speaker. His famous ‘Kulturbarer’ speech motivates, involves and brings fresh energy to corporate audiences all over the world.
With over 1M copies of his novels circulating and over half Million copies sold in 4 languages each year, Davide is an enthusiastic speaker, who conveys his wide ranging culture and life experience with a simple and plain language into greatly appreciated speeches, especially in the corporate environment.
His speeches are disruptive, innovative and mind opening and they involve business audiences with a particular atmosphere, thanks to the speaker’s cultural background and ability to develop complex concepts with plain and simple words.

Davide empowers his corporate audiences suggesting new approaches and defining the correct path in leadership, teamwork, creativity, communication, improvement & optimization.

Each year Davide is hired by large and small corporations as well as for institutional or private events. His passion for speaking makes his participation a unique moment, carefully prepared with the host and the assistance of Davide’s Public Relations team.

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