New feature film production announced – The Wallenberg Dossier – based on the bestselling novel

A new feature film production involving three countries, will start preparatory operations in April 2018. Shooting of the film is scheduled by July 2019.

The film – The Wallenberg Dossier – is based on the life of Raoul Wallenberg and is based on the bestselling novel The Wallenberg Dossier by Davide Amante.


The teaser introducing operations for the film production is released today February 26, 2018 and may be viewed on the official website: The screenplay was completed in January 2018.

The video teaser introducing the film is made with the collaboration of:


Information on the Film

An intense, passionate love story and a fast-paced thriller along the river Danube during the Second World War, based on the true story of Raoul Wallenberg.

A man boarding a plane from Stockholm to New York will recognize a few seats before him the woman he once loved. As the plane crosses the Atlantic he thinks back at Budapest, Hungary, along the waters of the Danube river, where they lived an intense love affair and spy story. Wallenberg’s actions and courage will help save thousands of lives. He will eventually disappear in mysterious circumstances and will be declared dead. However, no one knows the young woman he once loved is reaching out to save him.

Based on the dossier ordered by the Nazi secret services to follow each single move of Wallenberg inside and outside the city of Budapest. This dossier is as much dramatic as it is poetical because it tells the most intimate moments of Wallenberg’s life and reveals an incredible love story that will eventually change the course of history.